Ontario, Canada-based photographer Matt Molloy recently created a gorgeous series of sky images by stacking multiple photos onto one. The individual photos are most often taken from the timelapses he shoots. The final photo has a stunning painterly effect, almost as if someone had taken a paintbrush to the sky and smeared its beautiful colors.

When asked at 500px how many photos it took to create the one seen above, he replied, “I’m not exactly sure, but I used hundreds of photos to create this one image.”


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pronunciation | ‘hEr-rIth (HEER-eyeth, with a fast heer and a soft th)
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“It is a world of words to the end of it” 

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‘Tyger’ is inspired by William Blake’s poem with the same name. It won over 30 international awards including two at Clermont-Ferrant Festival.

Directed by Guilherme Marcondes
Screenplay by Guilherme Marcondes and Andrezza Valentin
Music by ZEROUM

"The sound is lonely, and low, and no one hears it anymore."

— Tea Obrecht, “The Tiger’s Wife”

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